Friday, 23 September 2011

OMFG!! IT'S NEGAISHIPPING DAY!!!! Be happy or else!!

So today is the day,  the 23rd is now here and it's officialy NegaiShipping Day!!!!!1

As for on SPPf (That forum/site I mentioned a million times before), everyone has at least said "Happy NegaiShipping Day! :))

So, this is just the first post, I'll post later in the evening when everyone has contributed.

Until then.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Hello Shippers! :)

The title copied off what I was gonna say.

Quite an introductory sentance, don't you agree? Ya know what, don't answer that.

Welcome to The Official NegaiShipping Blog (Made for my fellow shippers on SPPf). Here, I will post atleast weekly about the latest Negai Hints, News, and much more.

Now, to nearly conclude this welcome, NegaiShipping Day is on the 23rd of September, so be sure to say something like "Happy NegaiShipping Day!" (That's what it says on my Banner for the special day),or make a Banner/UB/Video/FF/Anything else that I've missed out, and post it on the Shipping thread on SPPf.